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April 22, 2010 - Tennis Club/League Registration for 2010





May 31, 2008 - May Tennis Bulletin


August 6, 2007 - August Tennis News

June 25, 2007 - June/July Tennis News

May 14, 2007 - Yoga For Tennis Workshop

April 18, 2007 - Annual Tennis Club Meeting


August 8, 2006 - Kincardine Tennis Club at Rogers Cup

August 7, 2006 - August Tennis News

July 6, 2006 - Tennis Clinic Tips

July 3, 2006 - June/July Tennis News

June 1, 2006 - Web Site Finally Revived

May 22, 2006 - May Tennis News

May 2, 2006 - High School Tennis Court Time

August 20, 2005 - August Roundup


June 23, 2005 - Resurfacing Update and New Web Site

June 21, 2005 - Tennis Court Resurfacing

June 20, 2005 - Summer Tennis Bulletin

June 6, 2005 - June Tennis Bulletin

May 8, 2005 - May Tennis Bulletin

March 23, 2005 - Kincardine Tennis Club 2005 Season


The time has come for this season's tennis to begin!

Opening day for club/league registration is Sat, May 1, from 10:00-12:00. During this time we'll install some wind screens and for those not tuckered out, then they can hit a few tennis balls to knock the dust off their racquets. In the event it rains then we'll try for Sunday May 2nd.


  • Family of 4 - $150.00 (2 adults/2 juniors)

  • Adults - $65.00

  • Juniors (under 14) - $25.00

  • Daily play non~members - $5.00


  • A League - Monday night

  • Team Doubles - Tuesday night

  • B/C Leagues - Wednesday night

Continuing down this path for the Spring League, I have reserved Mon/Wed nights from 6 - 8 pm for any/all club members to jog down to the courts to sharpen their tennis skills in preparation for the summer league play.

Until then, the courts are open and we'll see you down there!

Kem the Prez


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The weather Saturday was nice and warm. Unfortunately it was a little breezy for installing the wind screens. There were a number of individuals who turned up to purchase a membership, sign up for the leagues and even those who attempted to play some tennis. For those who showed up and those that emailed to say they could not make it, I "thank-you". For the "few" who failed to make it out here is some info:

  • Memberships can be purchased through me or Books/Beans:
                    Adults - $ 65
                    Family of 4 - $150
                    Kids under 14 - $ 25
                    Daily - $ 5
  • Month of May, Mondays/Wednesdays, 6-9pm, show up for friendly doubles 
  • Leagues: "A" Monday nights, "B" Tues/Wed nights, "C" Wed nights, Team Doubles Tues nights

Well that's it for now see you down at the courts.

Kem the Prez


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Well I would like to say winter is behind us but you just never know.  Anyway for those of you who have got the itch to hit some tennis balls....the nets are up and the east gate is unlocked to access the courts. Keep in mind next Saturday, April 25th, 1 PM...come down to pay for your membership, put up some wind screens and play some tennis with whoever shows up!

 Kem the Prez


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March 26, 2009 - Spring News

Well as you know by now spring is here, the days are getting warmer and the to make a long story short tennis is in the air. In the past the club has held an informal pre-season meeting to get people thinking about tennis. This year unless there are objections to my proposal I had the idea to change this by holding this meeting down at he courts. The reasons being are twofold, firstly the past meetings held at the Davidson Center have not been very well attended and secondly it is time for a change. That being said I plan to hold this preseason "meeting" down at the courts April 25, 1pm, rain date April 26,1pm. For those who attend you will be able to purchase this year's membership and maybe the weather will be agreeable for those who might want to hit a few balls.

That being said the ball's in your court.

Kem the Prez


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The kids' lessons will take place on July 14-18 at a cost of $25/person.

Depending on numbers registered there may be more than one session, but at this time the first group will be from 9:00-10:30am.

Registration will take place at the tennis courts on Thursday June 26, 5-6pm.               

Kem the Prez


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May 31, 2008 - May Tennis Bulletin

Hello all,

Well the weather has not been all that great but there have been those individuals honing their skills down at the courts anyway.  A couple of items I would like to pass along are:

  1. all the summer league schedules are on the web site and start next week so take a look [thanks go out to Gerald Gervais for setting the schedules up]

  2. kids' lessons for July is looking good so stay tuned for further info

  3. Thursday, June 5th, 6-7pm [weather dependent] there will be a 'pilot' tennis instruction seminar for adults who are interested in improving their game...Grant Thomas from Southampton who has his tennis coaching certificate has kindly offered his time will be the instructor...the cost will be $5 with all funds going to the club....if the turnout/interest is significant then future Thursday sessions will be added

  4. the rest of the wind screens will be going up as well as the lights turned on for night playing

  5. Sunday, June 8th, 1:30pm will be our first "club round robin"...$2 gets you in...also I would like to emphasize that this is meant more for fun and to get you out to meet other members in the club

  6. if you get a chance visit Books/Beans for that coffee house ambiance as they have been helpful in selling club memberships for the past few years

Well that is all for now see you down at the courts!

Kem the Prez


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May 1, 2008 - Singles Ladder, Something New!


Tennis season is upon us! At the Annual Meeting in April, Megan Biggs proposed re-introducing a singles ladder to the club membership, based on the interest shown by club members.

Ladder matches will take place outside of the regular scheduled league play, and will rely on players contacting one another to plan their games.

Players of all skill levels are welcome to sign up. The only requirement to join is you must be a current member of the Kincardine Tennis Club and have the annual membership dues paid.

The rules, guidelines and ranking system will be forthcoming when the system is decided upon. Feel free to send suggestions from previous ladders you may have participated in.

The singles ladder will offer as much fun as the doubles league and the opportunity to come out and enjoy even more tennis this summer.

Please send your name and phone number to Megan Biggs on or before Monday, May 26.


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August 6, 2007 - August Tennis News


Well it is hard to believe we are into August all ready. The courts were full of activity with the long weekend and all but it seems like the season just started! Where did June/July go?

Last week with the weather being as hot/humid as it was there were still people out playing to finish up their league games and others out just to hit a ball around. Eh ta go you athletes!

That reminds me try to get all your league games done by Aug 8th...!

If you did not know the Roger's Cup in Montreal is on TSN this week where the men's tennis is being played. The women's tennis is the following week in Toronto. By chance I have 18 box suite tickets of which 6 tickets are still available for the Aug 14th afternoon matinee at $55/person. So if you are interested let me know! First come, first serve.

Lastly the year end BBQ slated for Tuesday, Aug 21 is sneaking up and it would be great to have a good turn out. Vaughn/Alberta Munro have graciously offered to hold the BBQ at their home. So if you are interested in attending please email ASAP if you are going to attend.

See you down at the courts!

Kem the Prez

PS...Please when you are down at the courts and there is any garbage laying around, pick it up and drop it in the garbage. It would be greatly appreciated,THANKS.


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We are well into tennis weather and if you had not been watching the French Open just finished with Mr. Federer once again losing against his nemesis Mr. Nadal (who needs to buy some half decent non-butt clinging underwear). As I sit here typing this e-mail while watching the first day of Wimbledon, another great grand slam tournament, I am dismayed with the fact that play has  been postponed due to rain over in London, England which seems to be the norm for this tournament.

Getting back to us the leagues are all in full swing and from what I have seen the competition is fairly well balanced and there have been some close scores. Thanks goes to Gerald Gervais who has made up these schedules, while maintaining an even balance amongst the players. Remember if you cannot make it to your match please phone/e-mail your opponents/partner to re-schedule the match.

There is a lot of interest for kids' lessons this year, unfortunately though finding an instructor has been fruitless and as result there will be no kids' lessons. Now I know this may disappoint a lot of kids but hopefully next year we'll have somebody available. In stating this, keep in mind the courts are still available for use by the kids to hone their skills.

A friendly, club round robin will be held Saturday, June 30, 1pm (rain date sunday,July1st,1pm). All that is required is you show up with $2 and we'll mix/match players. 

As to a year-end BBQ, the tentative date is Tuesday, August 21, 5-9pm....with a nominal $10/person fee. The date is to be finalized later based on membership interest. Again, Vaughn/Alberta Munro have kindly volunteered to hold the BBQ at their residence. So if you are interested let me know.

Well that is all for now, see you down at the courts.

Remember when you are playing keep your eye on the ball, hit the ball at the top of its' rise and swing your racquet through it.



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May 14, 2007 - Yoga For Tennis Workshop


While not a club sponsored event, the following may be of interest to Tennis Club Members...

Yoga for Tennis

“A perfect combination of violent action taking place in an atmosphere of total tranquility. “ ~Billie Jean King

The discipline of yoga which guides students in ways to calm the mind while the body is actively engaged is a perfect compliment to the game of tennis.  This three hour workshop will give the participants the skills to manage their game mentally and to manage their bodies to prevent injury an promote maximum enjoyment for years to come!  Participants should wear comfortable clothes and bring a tennis racquet. Handouts will be provided.

These are the details:

  • Yoga for Tennis Players Workshop Date: 16 June 2007, 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm

  • Cost:  $50.00 with Gst

  • Location: will be announced soon.

  • Tennis players should bring a racquet!  No prior yoga experience is required.



Information about the workshop presenter - Jayelle Lindsey

Jayelle Lindsay has more than 30 years of experience as a physiotherapist practicing movement re-education in many forms. She brings her expertise to her work as a yoga teacher guiding students toward a practice that includes and understanding of their specific needs. She continues to practice physiotherapy and teach at her studio in Guelph – Living Yoga & Health.


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April 18, 2007 - Annual Tennis Club Meeting


Tennis fans,

Synopsis of general membership meeting minutes from 11 April 2007 :

  • Membership prices will stay the same: Family (of 4 ) $120, Adult $60, Junior (12 and under) $30

  • Adult & kid’s lessons to be determined at a later date

  • May Fun League; just show up Mon/Wed nights at 6pm

  • "A League" Mon 6 & 7:30 ; "B/C League" Wed 6 & 7:30 ;  "Team Doubles" Tues 6 & 7:30

  • All leagues starting approximately mid June

  • Opening Day Sat Apr 28th (rain date Sun Apr 29th ) @ 1:30...dust off tennis gear, buy a membership and sign up for the leagues

  • Court equipment required: at the moment 2 wind screens

As a final note the nets are up!

Kem the Prez


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August 17, 2006 - Kid's Lessons, Banquet, League Updates


Tennis fans,
This is just a short synopsis of things going on, have happened or will take place pertaining to the club. The leagues are finished and as a result the winners were, well just to make it interesting I'll let you check our website for the results. I'll hand out the prizes to the winners as I see them.

The Fall League (Mon and Wed nites for the month of Sept) registration is in effect so if you are interested contact Gerald Gervais by Mon Aug 27th the absolute latest.

The BBQ was a "delicious" success! It was fantastic to see new members out to enjoy the festivities and hopefully there will be many more next year. Again THANKS go out to Vaughn/Alberta Munro for hosting the BBQ.

The kid's tennis lessons are in progress and from my point of view they are showing a lot of enthusiasm for the sport....hopefully it continues.

Mark on your calendars Sun Aug 27th, 1:15 pm as the last Round Robin. Finally we hope to have a fun mixed doubles tourney sometime in late Sept with the format such that an "A" player/ "B" player teams play other A/B teams...details to follow at a later date.

That's all for now!
Kem the Prez


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Here are a few pictures from our PRIVATE BOX seats at the 2006 Rogers Cup held at the Rexall Center in Toronto...

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August 7, 2006 - August Tennis News


Fellow members,

This will be sort and painless.

Since my last correspondence I've had no critical issues arise pertaining to the club and as a reminder if there is anything out there you would like to address please free to email moi.

The July Kid's Lessons was a great success from the turnout, to the weather, to the accolades from the kid's and most notably to the instructor (Samantha Black) who did a fantastic to go Sam.

There is another week, Aug 14-18, of kid's lessons but spots are filling fast.

The league play got bogged down for one reason or another but remember get those games completed and scores submitted by Aug 13th or you get a big fat "zero".

On the down side turnout for the Round Robin was sparse but those who attended had "major fun".   Thanks to Chris Evans for helping out with the Round Robin.  As a side note Perfecto Catalo on two fronts, was the round robin winner and was the father to a bouncing baby girl...congrats Perfecto....beers are on you...

Mark your calendar for Sunday, Aug 27th as the next Round Robin. 


This year's banquet will be held on Wednesday August 16, 2006 at 5:00 to 8:00 PM rain or shine at Vaughn Munro’s estate on the upper shore road south of Kincardine.  Meat and corn on the cob will be provided; salads and deserts will be pot luck, so bring a dish/cutlery, BYOB,BYOChair. ( Note: there will be a small fee $10/ person.) Bring yourself, your friends and pass this info along.

So please if you plan on attending let me know ASAP!

See you on the courts,

Kem the Prez

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July 6, 2006 - Tennis Clinic Tips


Don "the club practice guru" Titherington was kind enough to to provide the following point form information from the June clinic concerning the different tennis strokes.

Enjoy the info and thanks Don!



1. Quick Review of Typical Doubles Hitting Techniques

(a) Topspin Forehand Groundstroke:

- start in ready position with racquet at chest level
- raise hitting elbow parallel to court
- loop your backswing around your elbow (not around your shoulder)
- purpose is to create a longer stroke for greater acceleration without swinging the racquet behind your back
- come up from under the ball and finish high over your non-hitting shoulder
- keep the racquet face perpendicular to the court at all times

(b) Topspin Forehand Lob:
- same as above but brush up excessively behind the ball and finish stroke with racquet over your hitting shoulder

(c) Backhand Slice Groundstroke:
- start in ready position with racquet at chest level
- raise hitting elbow parallel to court and draw racquet back
- swing down and forward through the ball with racquet face slightly open
- finish with racquet parallel to the court and pointed at target

(d) Drop Shot:
- same approach as for slice but on contact loop the racquet under the ball in a “U-shape” motion

(e) Volley:
- start in ready position with racquet at eye level and forearms parallel to court
- lay racquet off on side of approaching ball
- step towards the ball
- contact the ball out front of your body
- on contact rotate the hitting wrist a quarter turn downwards and finish with the racquet face under the ball, parallel to the court, pointing at the target

(f) Forehand Overhead:
- first thing is to turn perpendicular to the net and put the racquet in the “backstretch” position
- move under the ball so that if you didn’t hit it the ball would hit you between the eyes
- point at the ball with your non-hitting index finger or elbow
- start your hit a little sooner than you might think so the ball doesn’t drop too low
- hit the ball out front at full extension
- on contact pronate your hitting wrist

2. Overview of Tennis Strategy

- Generally the team that gets to the net the most often will win
- Serve down the middle to increase the probability that the return will be down the middle giving your net person a chance to volley
- Do not serve out wide without a prior warning so partner can cover the line
- Approach the net with a slice to keep the ball low so the opponents will have to hit up
- Do a “split step” as your opponent contacts the ball then move to your volley position from there
- Partner closest to the net has priority on the volley
- Visualize a “rope” between you and your partner to optimize team positional play
- Giving the net person a “fuzz sandwich” with your overhead is part of the game
- Use a lob to keep the opponents (especially Jerry Fabian) off the net
- A topspin (offensive) lob can win the point, a slice (defensive) lob can buy time for you and partner to recover position

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July 3, 2006 - June/July Tennis News


Tennis fans,

Well June has come to a close, July is here and I have been delinquent in getting this out...too busy down at the courts.

Anyway as follows:

1. The leagues are in full "swing" and running a side note make sure if you cannot make any of your matches to contact the other individuals in a timely fashion to arrange for a rain date.

2. The tennis clinic was a success from a weather perspective, everyone including myself learned a few tips about improving our strokes and a little doubles strategy.

3. There will be tennis lessons for kids as follows:

    $25/session, 9-12am, with session1, July 17-21 and session 2, Aug 14-18 ;

    Sign-up July 11th 6-7:30pm

4. There will be a July/August round robins...dates to be finalized and emailed out later.

5. Keep in mind the Aug 16th BBQ at the Munro estate....there will be a minimal cover charge to be determined.

6. Visit or pass along our website .

7. Be sure to drop in to "Books and Beans", a supporter of the club and a quaint, little coffee shop.

8. On a somber note I pass along the news that Sharon/John Breon will be moving on to bigger and better things (the U.S. of A.).... they have been active members/supporters of the club and I would like to say on behalf of the club good luck, stay in touch and hopefully you will be back this way some day.  

Anyway have a great day and see you down at the courts!

Kincardine Tennis Club

Kem the Prez

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June 1, 2006 - Web Site Finally Revived


The web site has finally been revived and is now up to date for 2006.  A catastrophic series of computer problems and some long overdue vacation time were my only excuse.  Special thanks goes to Bill Mathers for organizing the summer leagues while I was away!

Thanks for your patience!


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Well the tennis season is upon us. The Spring League is in bloom. Turnout was initially sparse but gradually has grown.  Unfortunately though this is the last week for the Spring League and for all those who turned out...thanks!  I was unsure how it would be excepted and attended.  Since it was not a "formally scheduled" event but was something new to try we'll see what the consensus is for next year's format.

This brings me to the next  topic which is the Summer Leagues and the Doubles League.  If you have not signed up please contact Mr. Bill Mathers promptly because both leagues start next week!!!

Kids lessons appears to be a go with the final details to be ironed stay tuned for more info later on next month.  Also keep in mind the adult tennis clinic June 24th....sign up (thru moi) is on a first come first serve basis with a $15 deposit.

In closing I'd like to suggest when you're down at the courts playing tennis and you notice other non-members playing as well, why not mention ( politely ) to them about purchasing a membership. Just say it's a great way for the club to grow and helps maintain the integrity of our courts through their membership dues!

Any other business concerning the club please feel free to contact me.

See ya down at the courts.

Kem the Prez

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Hello there, This is a heads up for you all.

The Kincardine high school tennis team will be using the courts May/June Tuesday/Thursday from 3:30-5:00 starting May 4th until June 13th.  Hopefully this will not interfere with anyone's tennis as I tried to minimize the interruption for the courts' use by the members.

Notably this is a great way to advertise the club and hopefully this brings in new members.

Kem the Prez

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August 20, 2005 - August Roundup


Fellow members,

Here I am again to wrap up some of the news for August and upcoming events for September.

To start off, the Sunday Round Robin held August 14th was won (again) by Richard Schrader.  Atta boy Richard!  Thanks Don Titherington for running the round robin.  He kept the fisticuffs to a minimum. The Aug.3rd edition of the Kincardine Independent ran a picture of the Laurie Bellan/Don Titherington tandem playing doubles.  The outcome of the match was unknown but Don was displaying a fine two step pose.  Autographed 8x10 glossy pictures of Laurie/Don are available, at a 'minor cost' , through Laurie, with the proceeds donated to the club.

On the league play front the winners, if you have not visited our website lately were as follows:

"A" league...Kem Dogan
"B1" league...Anand Panditrao
"B2" league...Josephine Vandebospoort
Team Doubles...Gerald/Linda Gervais

Congratulations to all the winners and by the way you can pick up your prize ( $25.00 gift debit card ) via moi (Kem Dogan).

No summer is without a barbeque and back by popular demand, the annual Kincardine Tennis Club BBQ was held this past Aug.17th.  We could not have had or asked better weather that night.  The food was awesome with the prime rib purchased at cost thanks to Sobeys and red/white wine donated by the Wine Seller (located on Highway 21 north of Home Hardware). Thanks go out to all who attended and made the night a success!  Special THANK-YOU to Vaughn/Alberta Munro who opened their home (again) for the BBQ !!

Finally, as much as I hate to say it summer is drawing to a close but September is around the bend which means the Fall League will be starting for those interested contact Gerald Gervais  ( to register.  Also note a tentative mixed doubles mini tourney will be held one Saturday later in September...more info to follow in a later email.

Well that's it for now.

Kem the Prez

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July 18, 2005 - July Tennis Bulletin


    Well, we are right in the "heat" of things when I say summer is here!

    The kids' tennis lessons are in to their 2nd week and as an interested observer I can say that they are enjoying themselves immensely. Accolades go out to their instructor Sally Treidlinger who makes it fun for the kids! Also, I have to admit there are some budding stars at the courts taking the lessons. So as a parent of any of these kids try to get them down to the courts after the lessons come to an end to continue on their development. Keep in mind the lessons are every morning this week including Friday.

    The resurfaced courts have brought out a number of ooo's and ahhh's from the members and non-members alike. They cannot believe the difference the new , improved courts' appearance/playability has made. The only unfortunate thing is the occurrences of some kids trying to use the courts for activities [i.e. skate boarding, hacky sack, the use of black soled shoes or sandals, etc..] other than tennis which no doubt will damage/mark the new surfacing. The only thing I can say with regards to this topic is politely explain to the individuals their non-court activity will not be tolerated, please desist/leave.....other than that contact myself [Kem Dogan 396-4934] or the further confrontation should be made.

    As for the ongoing league play remember if you cannot play your scheduled match, reschedule it as every point counts. Keep in mind that there are prizes to be won at the end of the schedules. This brings me to the next topic the barbeque at Vaughn/Alberta Munro's palatial estate, tentatively scheduled, Wednesday , August 17th  5- 8 pm (rain or shine). There will be more on this topic in a future email.

    Our July round robin was held this past foggy, muggy Sunday with Richard Schrader the eventual winner... needless to say he figured out that it was better to hit the ball within the court lines then outside them. The next round robin is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, Aug. 14th so mark this on your schedule....and by the way as I am working I'll require a volunteer to run it.....

    Well that is about it for now, if you have anything on your mind with regards to the club feel free to let me know.

Kincardine Tennis Club Prez

Kem Dogan

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June 23, 2005 - Resurfacing Update and New Web Site


Great things are happening with the club as follows:

   1. The courts as you read this are being resurfaced...they should be ready for use on SATURDAY 25 JUNE...

   2. We now have our own website which can be viewed at check it out and if you have any feedback there is a contact page which the executive will review...also special thanks goes out to Gerald Gervais who spent many night/day putting it together...

   I personally think our club is shaping up to look like a true "big city" facility. Keep in mind as well it is you the members and your membership money [as well as financial support from the town] that the Kincardine Tennis Club collects that makes all this possible...

   Anyways that is it for now...see you on the flashy new courts!

Kem the Prez

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June 21, 2005 - Tennis Court Resurfacing


Fellow members,

    It is with great pleasure I announce that the courts will be resurfaced tomorrow Wed. June 22 starting around 10:00 a.m. and will be out of service for approximately three days. Unfortunately that means the league tomorrow night will have to be rescheduled by the individuals who are playing tomorrow night.

Sorry for the inconvenience and the short notice!

Kem the Kincardine Tennis Club Prez

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June 20, 2005 - Summer Tennis Bulletin

Good morning, good afternoon or good evening fellow tennis members,

    The 2nd round robin was conducted this past Sunday. Now the turnout was not what I expected [was it the weather ?,insufficient notice ? let me know ]....but despite that, the individuals who turned up played some high intensity tennis as the clouds gave way to the sun which added to the heat of the matches! The scores were so close that a tie evolved between Vaughn Munro/Ken Bauman with the eventual winner for the day decided by a coin toss [since they didn't want to arm wrestle for the prize]. Congratulations the wine for the barbeque, let it age a couple more months!!!  I would like to thank Chris Evans for helping's tough picking the teams while maintaining an even balance among the players...thanks again Chris!

    Also as a reminder the next round robin is scheduled for July 10th 1:30 [rain date July 17th] , so let's get out there people...!!!! Which brings me to another point is/are there volunteer(s) out there for that day available to run the the round robin...please let me know.

    The leagues are in full "swing" and as a reminder if you cannot make a match email/phone your opponents to rescheduling...thanks in advance...

    It's with disappointment that I add that Dr. Peter's Tennis Workshop which Jerry Fabian arranged did not go this past Saturday due to lack of interest. Now I know things are busy for all us in the summer but it's hard to let someone of this talent who lives so close and is willing to instruct go by without taking advantage of his tutoring/experience. If the interest is there he might be available in July which Jerry Fabian will announce.

    As a reminder the kids lessons are set and the 1st session is July 11-14, the 2nd session July 18-22 both from 9am-12 . The cost will be $25/child/session or $40/child/2 sessions. A pre-lesson register date will be sent out later so the parents/kids can meet Sally Treidlinger the instructor.   

    Keep in mind that the courts will be resurfaced sometime soon, weather permitting. So that means they will be out of service for approximately 2-3 days. Hopefully I will have a firm date to pass along. 

    On a final note if you missed [or could not attend] the French Open which is played on red clay the grass courts of Wimbledon are in play. So turn to TSN, see how the pros play on grass.  Rumour, and I mean a big rumour, [ How do these rumours get started?] has it the Kincardine Tennis Club buying out the Kincardine Lawn Bowling Club to construct a grass court of our own.....can you imagine the Kincardine Tennis Open on TSN as well....

    Anyway that is it for now, if you have anything on your mind about the club feel free to let me know.


Kincardine Tennis Prez


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June 6, 2005 - June Tennis Bulletin

Hello there everyone,

    Well the summer is finally here! The flowers are in bloom, the birds are singing and the bees are buzzing. Most of all the tennis season is in full "swing".

    Hopefully everyone who has joined the club is getting out to play and that you were able to get into one of the leagues which are in progress. Gerald/Linda Gervais exhaustively put together the schedules for the league...thanks Gerald/Linda!

    The courts look pretty good, the "Johnny on the spot" is installed and the general maintenance is being maintained but as a note could I impress upon those down there to use the trash facilities whether it is yours or not to to dispose of it appropriately. Let's keep them looking good and thanks in advance!

    Things to keep in mind are as follows:

  1. Court resurfacing will take place sometime the courts will be out of service for a couple days...Vaughn Munro is looking after this and as soon as he knows when I'll let everyone know...

  2. Sunday, June 19th,1:30 is the next round robin ( $2 entry fee )....Chris Evans has kindly volunteered to help out...

  3. Saturday, June 18th, 3-5pm (tentatively) a clinic ( $5 fee ? ) by Peter Kravchuk (former Canadian junior tennis member/star ) will be given for those interested in upgrading their Jerry Fabian 396-7177 for more info...

  4. Junior lessons will take place July 11-14th, 18 -21st from 9-12am...fees to be announced... registration can be done by email/phone( / 396-4934 ) child's name,age, skill level (roughly speaking)....a tentative skill session is/will be arranged so the kids can be grouped accordingly before the lessons to be announced...Sally Treidlinger has volunteered her services...

  5. Friendly mixed doubles tournament...??? Saturday, Aug 13th if the interest is there ???....

  6. Tennis barbeque Wed, Aug. 17th at Vaughn/Alerta Munro' s tiny abode...$10.00 gets you on the guest list...(age of majority req'd , just kidding)...

    Well that's it for now I think , so hope to see you down at courts and if you have any thoughts on the club please let me know!

Kem Dogan

Prez (2005)

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May 8, 2005 - May Tennis Bulletin


Fellow tennis players,

    The 1st round robin was a success. The weather was awesome and some of the tennis playing was too! It was like the old saying " riding a bike..."  for some individuals and others well like "riding a trike"...(just kidding).... But not to worry folks it's a long season and the rust will fade quickly...

    Anyway the turnout was exemplary with at least 26 plus memberships paid (seniors, juniors and family). The individuals who stuck around for the round robin were treated to some fine camaraderie but in the end we all can't be winners but hold it a second there were 4 winners. So an executive decision was made...they drew straws literally and Paul Bousquet / Hermann Schmeing  came out on top...congratulations!

    As a reminder the deadline for the summer league sign-up is May 18th with Gerald/Linda Gervais the contacts, the spring league starts May 9th (tomorrow) , future round robins and other info will be announced in a timely manner. 

    So in closing "...keep your eye on the ball and follow through on your strokes...." 

Kem Dogan

Prez (2005)

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March 23, 2005 - Kincardine Tennis Club 2005 Season

Prepare to experience the ecstasy of victory and the agony of defeat in the 2005 tennis season. Our annual meeting is just around the next sunny corner on Thursday, April 7th, at 7pm in the Davidson Centre. Run up the ramp to the upstairs meeting room. Don't let the snow on the ground deter your enthusiasm. I know my heart is willing but my bones and ligaments are frightened. Make sure you’ve updated all your prescriptions in preparation for the new season.

Your input and guidance are important to those who will be forming the new executive. Our club has accomplished much over the last few years with more exciting plans for the future. See you on April 7th. Bring your cheque to buy your membership and join the league

Jackie Harvey

President 2004

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